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Dina Eberman

Latest news

09.10.19 - My next robot pictures were uploaded. Take a look here.

01.10.19 - After a long time of silence and a couple of weeks of site downtime I'm happy to be back on new hosting and a few articles coming soon... Don't miss!

16.06.15 - A new version of ZoneIDTrimmer is available for download. 64 bit support, multi-select, detailed log and new UI are among new features.

09.12.14 - A few days ago my site was hacked. Currently all content is restored. Sorry for inconvenience.

12.07.14 - Take a look at my new program DiscoLights. More stuff is coming soon...

26.11.12 - A major update for WOW64Menu is released. Completely rewritten it supports now multi-select.

03.07.12 - Added a new section and the first article on robotics. More stuff is coming soon.

10.10.10 - New code sample demonstrates an alternative to IPC method of data synchronization between processes in .NET.

16.09.10 - PhotosTree was updated. Added option to create shortcuts or links instead of copying files.

15.08.10 - As I promised earlier, a new program is being published these days. WOW64Menu helps you to use your favorite 32-bit applications under Windows x64.

09.08.10 - All unsupported software moved to Archive section and is released now under GNU General Public License (GPL). It means that all source code is available now for download. Much new stuff is coming soon!

03.06.10 - Another helpful utility - PhotosTree. Tired from organizing your photos? It's for you.

09.06.09 - New in Software section. SurfedAndFound is extremely useful in searching any visited or bookmarked webpages in Internet Explorer.

15.03.08 - Added a new ZoneIDTrimmer utility that helps to remove data stored by Windows in downloaded files or saved attachments.

06.02.08 - Updates in Dev Tools section. Utility for restarting Windows Shell and more.

09.10.07 - Site was down during last few days, because of switching to new hosting. Sorry, for inconvenience.

05.03.07 - New section Dev Tools will contain miscellaneous tools that make developer's life easier.

12.02.07 - WiFiEnable shows how to control your modem/router from simple script.

16.08.05 - Finally, first .Net example in Code Samples section.

14.04.05 - Tomorrow site was moved to another server. Maybe there were a few minutes of downtime and problems with e-mail. Today everything is working perfect.

2.11.04 - After a long time PopOops update is released. The new version (2.2.1) is distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL) and now PopOops is OSI Certified Open Source Software.
Here are the main changes:
* preventing some anti spyware/adware programs from detecting one of PopOops's files as a part of adware
* Update button in About dialog that checks for new version
* Emergency commands in program's menu
* Windows XP styles support
* more friendly setup
* updated help

17.05.04 - Added splits support to VBScroll. Dramatically decreased size of files.

03.05.04 - A new code sample demonstrates how to use Windows CryptoAPI functions.

25.04.04 - New revision of VBScroll. Just a few minor changes in GUI.

17.03.04 - EXIFInfo 1.2.1 released. Now component supports thumbnails (extracting and saving to file).

13.03.04 - New code sample was added. XPFrame is VB user control that looks like .NET's GroupBox and helps to support XP styles in VB6 applications.

26.02.04 - New version of VBScroll. Among new features there are horizontal scrolling and middle button use.

02.02.04 - I rewrote MiceHook library. All API calls moved to DLL file.

01.02.04 - A few days the site was down because of server problems. And now good news - VBScroll mouse wheel solution for Visual Basic IDE is released. I hope it will help many coders!

27.10.03 - Similar to IPTCInfo - EXIFInfo component.

08.10.03 - Added IPTCInfo ActveX DLL that extracts IPTC data stored in images. The component may be used in VB, ASP or .NET applications.

17.08.03 - Added MiceHook C++ DLL. Installing system-wide mouse hook never was so easy.

30.07.03 - Final release of Mp3ListShellEx 2.1.1.

16.07.03 - Finally, beta version of Mp3ListShellEx is available!
What is new:
* scanning drives (local and network);
* customize command in context menu;
* new tabbed interface and progress bar;
* searching for files with wildcard;
* absolute or relative file path;
* sorting playlists by any detail;
* more informative CHM help
and many others...

18.03.03 - A "silent" update of PopOops released.
Minor code improvement, mainly in setup part.

14.02.03 - New revision of PopOops - 2.1.2.
Improved click detecting algorithm, minor bug fix.

22.12.02 - PopOops 2.1.1 released.
Now program automatically detects user's clicks!

07.11.02 - All code samples were updated.
AdvSysTray now more correctly works in Windows XP. CheckRadioItem method was added to EasyPopupMenu.

30.10.02 - PopOops 1.1 released.
Nothing new, just a few minor changes.

21.10.02 - Guest book was completely re-written.
Any comments or suggestions about site's design and published software are welcome.

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