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Inter-process Singleton

Current sample demonstrates an alternative to .NET IPC technology, which is a bit complex for simple tasks. It uses native shared memory and binary serialization to store object's state and mutex to synchronize it. This code was written to synchronize SQLite database access from different processes. But because of poor performance finally was not used. This should be taken in account.
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WiFiEnable Script

All modern modems and routers provide Web interface. This makes it possible to control them simulating HTTP request, which may be done in many ways. I used the easiest one - scripting. The WiFiEnable script allows to enable/disable wireless network in 3Com's OfficeConnect Wireless 11b Cable/DSL Gateway. The code also illustrates how to use include files in VBScript (useful for configuration files and code reuse).
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BroadcastListener Class

This example shows how to use System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow class to listen to Windows broadcast messages such as WM_DEVICECHANGE, WM_TIMECHANGE and so on. All that you have to do is to override WndProc method of NativeWindow. Even this is already done ;-) Thanks to Efraim Gottlieb for the original idea.
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