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26.01.20 10:20 Gaurav Kale
The biggest problem with this version is that 50% of the time, the menu appears but quickly disappears as it loses focus. If you can delay the appearance of the menu by 500 ms or 400 ms, maybe it will show reliably 100% of the time and stay on the screen.

07.11.18 13:36 Anonymous
Downloaded and installed the Zone ID Trimmer.  Said it installed.  Can't find it.  Have no idea how to USE it, and so far files are all still blocked.  Wasted a lot of time.
Program can used from the context menu (right-click) menu of file or folder and from command line.

14.09.18 21:59 Mike
I just wanted to say WOW64Menu works great and solved a problem I have been trying to figure out for some time now.

My system Windows 10x64 > latest build as of 9/14/2018

Thank You!

06.07.18 16:08 John Clarke
I worked for hours and days trying to get an old 32 bit program context menu commands to work. This solved the problem in seconds! Many thanks!

08.03.18 09:57 Adam C.
VBScroll is a boss app mayne. It makes VB6 coding almost bearable. LOLOLOLOL

02.03.18 16:19 Anonymous
Browse to Program Files / Program File (x86) depending on your OS, run ShellInstall.bat as Admin to install the context menu. And ShellUninstall.bat as Admin to uninstall the context nemu. But there is a bug where it will crash your browser when saving web pages, and so on if you have enabled the context menu, as I have reported already on the 31.01.18. Thank you!

24.02.18 13:13 Bill G
I have used ZoneIDTrimmer before and it worked great.  Tried to install the 2.0 x64.msi on a Win 10 1709.  Install succeeded without error but no context menu was created.  Any Idea how I can fix it?

31.01.18 14:17 Anonymous
First of all, thank you very much for this great utility. I just would like to report which I believe is a bug with ZoneIDTrimmer. I am using it on the latest 1709 build Windows 10 x64. Installing ZoneIDTrimmer 2.0.0. as Shell Extension in order to right-click on a file / folder and conveniently removing the ZoneID will caused the browser such as IE, FireFox, and Google Chrome to crash when performing action such as "Save As" to save a web page, files, and also it will case these browsers to crash when uploading a file using Browse function which opens up the Windows Explorer dialogue. I have reinstalled, uninstalled ZoneTrimmerID shell extension using the two batch files provided to test and confirm this bug. Thank you!

17.12.17 13:22 Anonymous
after removing WOW64 Salamander works fine and no longer crashes

12.12.17 04:24 Anonymous
I don't know if wow64menu crashes my file manager Altap Salamander or other 3rd party code, but after activating pageheap with gflags.exe , Windbg shows your tool in stack when analyzing the crash dump:

00 ntdll!NtWaitForSingleObject
01 ntdll!RtlReportExceptionEx
02 ntdll!RtlReportException
03 verifier!AVrfpVectoredExceptionHandler
04 ntdll!RtlpCallVectoredHandlers
05 ntdll!RtlDispatchException
06 ntdll!KiUserExceptionDispatch
07 verifier!VerifierStopMessage
08 verifier!AVrfpDphReportCorruptedBlock
09 verifier!AVrfpDphCheckNormalHeapBlock
0a verifier!VerifierCheckPageHeapAllocation
0b verifier!AVrfpHeapFree
0c msvcr90!free
0d WOW64MenuHandler
0e shell32!HDXA_QueryContextMenu
0f shell32!CDefFolderMenu::QueryContextMenu
10 salamand
11 salamand
12 salamand
13 salamand
14 salamand
15 user32!UserCallWinProcCheckWow
16 user32!DispatchMessageWorker
17 salamand
18 salamand
19 salamand
1a salamand
1b kernel32!BaseThreadInitThunk
1c ntdll!RtlUserThreadStart

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