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14.01.20 10:51 agen bola

11.01.20 11:22 agen bola

07.11.18 13:36 Anonymous
Downloaded and installed the Zone ID Trimmer.  Said it installed.  Can't find it.  Have no idea how to USE it, and so far files are all still blocked.  Wasted a lot of time.
Program can used from the context menu (right-click) menu of file or folder and from command line.

14.09.18 21:59 Mike
I just wanted to say WOW64Menu works great and solved a problem I have been trying to figure out for some time now.

My system Windows 10x64 > latest build as of 9/14/2018

Thank You!

06.07.18 16:08 John Clarke
I worked for hours and days trying to get an old 32 bit program context menu commands to work. This solved the problem in seconds! Many thanks!

08.03.18 09:57 Adam C.
VBScroll is a boss app mayne. It makes VB6 coding almost bearable. LOLOLOLOL

02.03.18 16:19 Anonymous
Browse to Program Files / Program File (x86) depending on your OS, run ShellInstall.bat as Admin to install the context menu. And ShellUninstall.bat as Admin to uninstall the context nemu. But there is a bug where it will crash your browser when saving web pages, and so on if you have enabled the context menu, as I have reported already on the 31.01.18. Thank you!

24.02.18 13:13 Bill G
I have used ZoneIDTrimmer before and it worked great.  Tried to install the 2.0 x64.msi on a Win 10 1709.  Install succeeded without error but no context menu was created.  Any Idea how I can fix it?

31.01.18 14:17 Anonymous
First of all, thank you very much for this great utility. I just would like to report which I believe is a bug with ZoneIDTrimmer. I am using it on the latest 1709 build Windows 10 x64. Installing ZoneIDTrimmer 2.0.0. as Shell Extension in order to right-click on a file / folder and conveniently removing the ZoneID will caused the browser such as IE, FireFox, and Google Chrome to crash when performing action such as "Save As" to save a web page, files, and also it will case these browsers to crash when uploading a file using Browse function which opens up the Windows Explorer dialogue. I have reinstalled, uninstalled ZoneTrimmerID shell extension using the two batch files provided to test and confirm this bug. Thank you!

17.12.17 13:22 Anonymous
after removing WOW64 Salamander works fine and no longer crashes

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