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09.06.10 23:16 Tim Karen
Excellent program.  Is there any way to make it work with other formats, such as flac, but not suck up irrelevant files?  I have not been able to find anything like it for flac files. Thanks!

20.05.10 18:27 Francesco
Thanx also for EasyPopupMenu...

20.05.10 18:10 Francesco
Thank you very much for VBScroll!
I deam about scroll in VBA Editor many times in the last nights!
I'm sorry that I'm poor, else I donate to you almost 1000$ for this wonderful software!!!
Thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx :-)

05.04.10 04:50 Luke
Just removed all Zone Identifiers from a couple of thousand of files within 2 mins. Great tool. Now can even defrag my harddisk again as all Zone Identifiers are gone which were spread all over the disk.

Thanks a lot for offering this tool.

Is there any chance to get rid of Windows secret MFT logfiles? I mean $TxfLogContainer...

06.02.10 19:53 Anonymous
Thanks!nice job!Finally got rid of useless Microsoft message...Won't those people ever learn what "PC" means?as to why I now need such a utility....go figure.was it one of the XP updates? Maybe I'll format to fat32....sigh

11.12.09 20:50 Mike Scirocco
Thank you for the VBScroll program, trying to work in VB6 without the mouse wheel was really frustrating. Nice job on the program.

29.11.09 12:27 Michele Barbone
Good evening. Suddenly your VBScroll stopped to work. If try to run it, the message is: Type mismatch.
Except this, a really good piece of software utility.

02.09.09 08:48 neil Ives
VBScroll works fine at work - I'll install it at home later. If it works as well as it does at work I'm very happy! I'll be donating later.

23.08.09 20:16 David
Thanks for mp3ListShellEx. It works quite well for me. One small change would save your users a lot of time. Default the playlist destination directory to the folder that the user right-clicks on to create the playlist, as opposed to the last selected folder. I believe this would be the most common choice. Are you still doing development work on this project? If not, is source available?

03.08.09 20:43 John McBratney
Tried VBScroll in Primavera Suretrak, did not work, mouse wheel does not scroll window at all.  Any ideas?  Suretrak is an old package running on a 16 bit structure

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