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02.03.09 13:43 Bishop
Excelent program, only thing missing is the ability to make the playlists relative to the selected directory instead of the drive root

17.02.09 09:23 marcos
tudo ok.

01.02.09 18:22 Tom Tripp
Is anyone having a problem running this in Windows 7 beta?  It hangs for me for a few seconds while it takes up processor time.  Not sure what's going on.
Please notice Windows 7 is still in beta stage and VBScroll wasn't tested with it.

04.01.09 03:51 Givijan
А что за новая опция "Emergency" появилась в версии 2.2.1 ? Для чего она нужна?

30.11.08 04:21 Anonymous
Nov/01/2008 I have a new version of  a mousedriver with a old problem. Thank you for the programm vbscroll.

13.11.08 21:12 albert flagston
i should have mentioned that the disk it checks is my A:
But I still want to keep it
You can manage ignore list in ZoneIDTrimmer.config file, which may be found in program's location.

13.11.08 21:11 albert flagston
Since I added ZoneIDTRIMMER, It always checks my disks. everytime I open Explorer it checks my disks. how can i get it to stop? please put "RE ZONEIDTRIMMER" in the email subject line. thank you!!

14.10.08 13:57 ltwally
I would really love to see an x64 build of this !!

Heck, if I could download the sources I might be willing to port it myself.

24.09.08 03:14 Sebastian
Hi there,
has somebody already had a problem with a Typematch error while starting VBScroll?

I got this Problem yesterday, when i switched the Regional Settings (Windows) from German to Englisch. It seems that the date is beeing interpreted wrong in some cases.
Now i switched back to German and it works again..

17.09.08 08:52 Dana Crawford
This thing simply does not work. It is so very typical of lameass fragile code written by some over-enthusiastic amateur somewhere who thinks details are for OTHER people to worry about. Thanks for wasting half of my morning.

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