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14.06.08 09:34 brigval
Огромное спасибо за очень удобную утилиту VbScroll !!!
Без нее не представляю себе нормальной работу в VB6.

09.06.08 16:36 rooomish
Well done! After long time I found your SW with the exact behavior I needed. Is it possible to implement the new format *.zpl for Microsoft Zune player?  As I know the differences between wpl and zpl are not big:

Maybe It is new opportunity for your great sw! The owners have to DIY yet.  You can offer this utillity on all community Zune sites.

26.05.08 23:14 Derrick Duehren
I used VBScroll successfully on XP, but it does not work on my Vista laptop.  When I scroll, it goes to the first or last line and ties up all processing power for a few seconds before I can edit again.

26.05.08 19:15 GUTO
Hi, Any Idea about windows vista? on my computer is asking for Comctl32.ocx, what should I do? I try to install, but I dont know where

22.05.08 09:21 Jarylo
Shahin, what license if any is VBScroll provided under? If none explicitly, could you send me an e-mail granting me use of the application? I'm curious where you stand on people using your utility in their place of employ... congrats on a job well done, it's a fine little utility =)



28.03.08 14:41 Crimson
Hi!  This is a great add-on for any serious MP3 music lover.  I deal with tons of MP3 and you know how badly made are the MP3 on the net.  IMHO, the only missing feature in your great add-on is the ID3 V2 handling.

I standardized on MP3 V2 long time ago as the V1 is way too limitating with stupid short fixed field length.

Any way, i thank you for your "good start", your extension has great potential!  I'd even be willing to contribute (money) you for adding ID3 V2 support!

05.03.08 11:24 ilen

04.03.08 06:20 Gift
Keep up the good work..

02.03.08 10:12 taranis
cela semble interressant

19.02.08 00:08 gift
Nice Website!!

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