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22.12.11 21:47 Anonymous
For WOW64Menu: Nice one..
Wish it supports 'recycle bin' and 'My computer' as well.
Already in my TODO list. Check for updates.

10.11.11 20:31 Leandro Nunes
I would be extremely pleased if the program shows me a list of files and a confirmation box.
Will be added in the next version (coming soon).

10.11.11 20:30 Leandro Nunes
It's of extreme importance that the program can show to the user a list of files to whom will be trimmed the alternative data stream (Zone.Identifier).

25.10.11 08:52 Jebo

I've tried every possible way I could to make Mp3ListShellEx work, including installing "Microsoft Windows Common Controls" as you suggest from your link and other links.

The program keeps complaining that it can't find comctl32.ocx.

Would appreciate (and even donate) if you get to fix/update your program, as I've been using it for years until now.

Thank you very much in advance and keep up the good work!

26.08.11 04:31 goya
Best app! But can someone give me vba code to launch when VBE is open in Excel? (and close when editor is closed) TIA  - meantime still love it, manual or not.

24.07.11 13:11 alias
plz helpme
I'll be glad to help you. You can drop me an email using Contact page.

30.05.11 18:48 Mathew
Thanks for putting up the source for this great program. There's are a few simple changes/additions that I'd like to make.  Trying the source, its for a version 2.2.1.  VB6 complains about the ListBuilder class missing the CreateList function. Do you have a simple fix for this? Maybe just 2.1.1 source?
The method exists. Try to make it public.

08.04.11 04:03 Ahellwig
Hi! Scrolling with the mouse wheel doesn't work anymore in the VB IDE since I use Windows 7 64 bit, even if VBScroll is running. Is there a way to fix this?
I'm using VB with VBScroll on Windows 7 x64 and it works fine for me. Probably mouse driver blocks VBScroll.

17.01.11 20:57 MK
Thanks for mp3ListShellEx.  It works quite well in XP 32bit. But now i have Windows 7  64bit, it no longer works. Wath to do know. Its a so nice and simple program. Pleas help.
Mp3ListShellEx's menu isn't displayed in 64-bit Windows. Install Wow64Menu from my site to show it.

13.01.11 03:25 Eric
I have Win 7 Pro 64 bits and I use visual basic with Excel 2003. The scroll don"t work !
I have a generic mouse(it's a dell computer, so not label mouse).

Thank for your answer

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