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31.08.07 17:25 Emerogork
Seriously musta missed something here.  I was told that VBScroll is THE program.  Here I am but don't see how to get the software...

18.08.07 12:14 Abbas
Hey, thanks a lotttttttttttttt for ur vb scroll app :-)
 I'm an excel VBA coder, but  basically at applicaiton . I was badly in need of a scroller for vb and vba. ur tool was, is and will be indeed of great help to me !!

30.07.07 04:29 Cristi Serban
Thank you for the VBScroll !!! Great and perfect app !


20.07.07 14:00 Don
I would like to thank you for Mp3ListShellEx. I have a couple of minor suggestions to make it easier to use for lots of folders.

I can't seem to get it to create separate play lists for sub-folders - it always creates a single play list in the top-level folder.  What I would like to be able to do is point at a folder and have it create a separate play list for each sub-folder.   I can do this manually, but it would be nice if it did it in one go for me.

Another small usage suggestion would be to be able to set a default play list type so that most of the time you can do a single right click on a folder to create the play list.

Really nice extension - thanks.

11.07.07 17:27 Olcay
VBScroll    I Love You     Gasanov, Love You Too

02.07.07 05:11 Joerg Zahn
VbScroll is simply wonderful. I never thought that this feature would be possible. No one who doesn't code in VB can really appreciate it. My explicit thanks for this invention.

30.06.07 13:40 pian
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30.06.07 13:38 Trose
Do pop-ups carry viruses?

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18.06.07 08:00 Benjamin Goodman
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17.05.07 13:48 Deleauvive
Hi, I would like to thank you for Mp3ListShellEx. I have noticed that the "Separate List for Each Folder" doesn't work when the folders which hold the files I want to list are subfolders. Other than that, it's a very handy tool :)

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