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14.10.08 13:57 ltwally
I would really love to see an x64 build of this !!

Heck, if I could download the sources I might be willing to port it myself.

24.09.08 03:14 Sebastian
Hi there,
has somebody already had a problem with a Typematch error while starting VBScroll?

I got this Problem yesterday, when i switched the Regional Settings (Windows) from German to Englisch. It seems that the date is beeing interpreted wrong in some cases.
Now i switched back to German and it works again..

17.09.08 08:52 Dana Crawford
This thing simply does not work. It is so very typical of lameass fragile code written by some over-enthusiastic amateur somewhere who thinks details are for OTHER people to worry about. Thanks for wasting half of my morning.

16.09.08 05:04 Kid
THANK YOU!!! works fine on xp professional and vb6

08.07.08 15:55 SonOfMog
Just found how to have the playlist without the path. Just select "Relative" in the main config page. Great tool!!

08.07.08 15:01 SonOfMog
This is an almost perfect utility. I which I could remove the path from the playlist result. It could then be portable to my Sansa player! You could add an option to customize  the resulting playlist with or without the path. Tx

30.06.08 04:18 kees bakker
Nice, simple and complete. A job well done!

14.06.08 09:34 brigval
Огромное спасибо за очень удобную утилиту VbScroll !!!
Без нее не представляю себе нормальной работу в VB6.

09.06.08 16:36 rooomish
Well done! After long time I found your SW with the exact behavior I needed. Is it possible to implement the new format *.zpl for Microsoft Zune player?  As I know the differences between wpl and zpl are not big:

Maybe It is new opportunity for your great sw! The owners have to DIY yet.  You can offer this utillity on all community Zune sites.

26.05.08 23:14 Derrick Duehren
I used VBScroll successfully on XP, but it does not work on my Vista laptop.  When I scroll, it goes to the first or last line and ties up all processing power for a few seconds before I can edit again.

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