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09.07.17 10:21 marovin
Back to VB6 after a long time.
Congratulations - Nice & useful site for VB6 even now a days!!!!.
Tanks for all, wish EVERYONE had the same aproach.

16.02.17 09:33 Fixer
In reply to ;
"Perfect tool! Until I update to windows 10 :(
VBScroll is not working anymore, is something you can fix asap please?"

I got it to work in Win10 by running vbscroll.exe in XP compatibility mode

One of the tools I can't do without !   :)
Thank you for solution! I will share it with others.

06.10.16 23:03 Sparrer
DiscoLights - exellent programme. It really scan frequency, I test this with generator. Programme also define USB-mic and work. I wrote simple cmd, which start 7 exe simultaneously. I hope - respectable author will continue  working with DiscoLights. I would like
see more castomization for lamp windows ( especially different config for each window ) and improved algorithme for long sounds ( lamp flash after start sound only and then off), and more smoothing on/off, if it possible. Thank you one,s more!

19.08.16 17:03 db

Thanks for making my old VB6 machine more bearable. The function scroll is icing on the cake!

19.07.16 00:24 Lars-Erik Østerud
Mp3ListShellEx. Trying to get this working on Win10. ShellExView shows that it is installed as a shell extension, but there is no extra menu anywhere :-(   Any idea why the extension does not show up when it is active and all seems to work (control panel works too).
Windows 10 is 64-bit operating system. Mp3ListShellEx is 32-bit shell extension.
To use it on 64-bit system you can use utility WOW64Menu.

29.09.15 05:35 JayJay

I came here from your tool 'VB Scroll'. Thanks for your great work, as I still have to work with VB6 from time to time. An option that checks for VB6 (or older, but not .NET Studio versions) and a 'disable' option in the tray menu would also be nice and easy to implement, if you're still working on that project.

Btw. the menu of your home page will not show in MSIE 11.

27.09.15 11:00 Mark
Hi Gasanov, I was pleased to use the VBScroll!!
Perfect tool! Until I update to windows 10 :(
VBScroll is not working anymore, is something you can fix asap please?

If you do that, I will make sure to donate!


05.08.15 10:49 WhatEver
WOW64Menu does not support drag n drop context menu (a drag and drop with the right click). Too bad.

29.06.15 03:07 Rusina
Thank!!! :)

10.06.15 05:10 Yalcin
Allah senden razı olsun kardeş. Çok işime yarıyor.

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