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24.10.05 12:28 Anonymous
thanks for vbscroll. many graeting from europe/germany

17.10.05 21:56 CT
Thanks alot for the work- VBScroll is a life-saver to a problem Big Brother should have fixed a long time ago!

12.10.05 03:12 Greg
VBScroll - A brilliant solution to an annoying problem.  Well done and thank you!

06.10.05 06:15 Peter
VBScroll - Excellent program, really useful. My colleague gets automation error when he runs the exe on an XP machine - any ideas. Works great on my XP machine though.  Thanks.

01.10.05 05:50 livio guerra
A very useful, simple and properly working tool, as opposed to the useless and bugged thrash one too often finds on the net.
It wouldn' t do any harm if your site would tell us something about yourself, professionally-wise of course.
livio guerra

29.09.05 10:45 Ainsley
As a full-time developer, the no-scroll-in-vba-editor has bugged me for YEARS! (At least 5) to the point where I finally thought to have a search and see if anyone had come up with a solution.. That's how I found your site.. VBScroll has absolutely MADE MY DAY! Works like a charm.. I can't believe it! Donation on the way.. thank you so much!

21.09.05 11:40 Marcus
Unbelievable that one needs an Extra Tool for as simple as scrolling in an IDE.
Hello Microsoft, Scrollwheels on Mouse are common since approx. 6 Years. But VBScroll finally help me, thanks....

21.09.05 06:49 Frank
Thanks for VBScroll. I wrote an Add-In for VB6 and VBA which automatically runs/kills the VBScroll.exe when the first/last VB-IDE is started/closed. Unfortunately the violent TerminateProcess() leaves the icon in the system tray :-/ I offer to share my Add-In code with you and am willing to support re-developing VBScroll as an Add-In! This would be even more perfect.

15.09.05 10:20 Shulamis Losch
Pop Oops is such a nice, clean and small tool- it does not take up much space on my computer and it is effective. Thank you!

15.09.05 06:01 Infernus
Mp3ListShellEx is a very nice tool. I only miss the a feature to search for e.g. mp3 and aac extensions at the same time

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