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22.08.05 08:44 shiva
Thanks for vbscroll pgm. It really helped me. I was frustrated with vb ide not suporting mouse scroll. I tried microsoft fix, but it dint work. Thanks.

18.08.05 15:26 Aecio Lemos
Great program. Unfortunately it does not work with VBA interfaces in most of the programs I use. But it works fine with VB 6. Thanks!

23.07.05 09:52 dharma negara
dear sir,
each time i hear pops' sound, i smile and how happy i am now.
thanks to you, and wishing you luck always!

19.07.05 06:32 GreG
набрел совершенно случайно, замечательна¤ утилитка, оч. кстати. –еспект!!!

12.07.05 08:10 Stefan
Excellent... much more than I was looking for....

11.06.05 05:30 hasted
Hi! Congratulations and thank you for developing Mp3ListShellEx. It works very well, and it's very easy to use. I think that new features that will be the application more powerful. For example, add the multilanguage option (your users could help to translate something) and create the possibility to not include the absolute path in the creation of the mp3 list (make more configurable). Anyway, a very userful software

10.06.05 13:43 Nel
VBScroll - Finally! Thank you so much

04.06.05 23:38 Michael Proctor
VBScroll is great, you have saved alot of your fellow programmers out there alot of time. Cheers and have one on me

29.05.05 23:24 NEO
Thank  you very much for developing popoops! It's very usefull when surfing the net  with the IE...  Great work!

29.05.05 12:32 TigerLan
Mp3ListShellEx: This is the program I've been looking for. I've tried Mp3 Tag Folders, Media Monkey, Tag&Rename... you name it. If you're looking for a simple program to make playlist automatically from Explorer, give it a try. You'll be happy. I just wish that the program allows to do it automatically for all subfolders so that I don't have to do it manually... But may be I missed an included feature? Great work :-)

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