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06.05.15 12:31 John
WoW64 Menu
Thank you for creating and providing this very useful tool.  One thought that would make it better, would be to make the WoW64 menu a cascaded menu, rather than a separate pop-up.  Thanks again!
I completely agree with you and currently working on this. Check for updates periodically.

12.04.15 20:51 Kevin
Many thanks! This lets me put a caption on my pictures in Picasa and when I upload them to my gallery, it reads the captions and uses that instead of entering the same information again!

03.10.14 12:39 Mike
Many thanks for the VBScroll utility. I also downloaded some of your free code which compiles and runs. As much as I don't want to use VB6 your VBScroll makes it a more pleasant experience. Many thanks. Dr Mike.
I'm always glad to hear that my software and source code are useful.

04.09.14 17:32 Pascal
First, thanks for this nice program!
Now, unless I misused it, It only moved .jpg files and no other (raw photo files).
How can I change this ?
PhotosTree supports any file that contains DateTaken EXIF tag.

25.07.14 17:53 Gary
This page was moved to

14.06.14 19:02 Anonymous
This is so very useful. I wish I'd found out about it a few years ago!

But there is one major problem, for me at least. Is there any chance you could add an option to choose what the shortcut menu key is for WOW64Menu?

Here's the problem. I often end up making many new folders, so I'm very used to right-clicking in windows explorer, pressing W, pressing F, and having a new folder.

Unfortunately W is the shortcut key that WOW64Menu uses, which completely interferes with that because I can no longer just right-click and Press W + one more key to get a new folder, text document, etc.

Instead it becomes right click, W, W, enter, F. That probably sounds like a small difference at first glance. But it means reaching across the keyboard (and back) every time to press Enter (or taking the time to use the mouse) and that slows things more than you might think if you use "new" in the context menu a lot, like I do.

It may actually save me more time in the long run to uninstall WOW64Menu, because I use the "new" context menu so much. I really don't want to do that though, which is why I'm really hoping you can add an option to change the shortcut key. Please?
Will be fixed in next release.

10.06.14 15:29 Radek
Is the program will run on Windows 8.1
Yes, WOW64Menu is fully compatible with Windows 8.1.

13.05.14 16:23 Fillipe
Are you working on a new version for Windows 8.1?
Which one of my programs do you mean? Please use contact page to respond.

17.04.14 21:55 Peter
Further to my first comment (27.12.13 20:02 Peter),
for a while now the "WOW64 (32-but) Menu" drops straight back into the 64-bit Menu  :(
It worked fine for a period after install, but some change rendered caused this change in behaviour. I've tried removing it and re-installing, to no avail.
Do you have any ideas what might be causing this?
Machine is running Windows 7 64-bit.
Please provide more information using contact page: Windows edition and version, screenshots.

11.03.14 06:07 Anonymous
Error Code 2869
I've tried to install ZoneID Trimmer on Windows 8.1 machine.
But I got Error Code 2869
How can I fix it?
Run setup as administrator. If this doesn't help disable UAC.

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