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30.06.04 15:17 Joerg B
I heard from your program VBScroll through an Access newspaper. After downloading and installing I joyfully hoped that I can use mouse wheel in the VBA  code -- but it doesn't work !
Can you help me for correcting this misfunction?

Thanks Joerg

29.06.04 11:58 Abdul
I have searched the hole web.. i downloaded a honderd files of that list editor.. best editor i have found... mp3listshellex.. tnx.. guys

24.06.04 11:21 pramawati
Great site guys, please let me know if you are interested in exchanging links with our sites.

17.06.04 12:42 Mike D
All I can say is THANKS!

15.06.04 15:59 Anonymous

14.06.04 05:06 David Earl
Nice  work. thanx and come get some of mine at

01.06.04 00:23 Brett Huhn
I just intalled popoops yesterday. I really like the program. Even though it is using6 megsof memory I kept it installed. Thanks,
Brett Huhn

28.05.04 21:48 Anonymous
Nice sounding product

20.05.04 09:20 Roger
Thanks for writing an excellent and useful program.  One suggestion though.  Allow the program to read id3v2 tags as an option.

17.05.04 21:05 AdamC
So close.

Firstly. Thank you for writing MP3ListShellEx.

I am writhing with a proposal: Your program is great but you may be able to extend the functionality and the number of users of MP3ListShellEx with a few minor changes.

There are currently a vast number of users using the Media Player Classic (MPC) media player
MPC is very popular but lacks functionality with playlists.

MPC cannot open large lists of files through the right click menu.
It also experiences problems adding large numbers of files to the playlist while open. (system slowdown and very high cpu usage etc)

MP3ListShellEx could well be the perfect solution.

Media Player Classic (MPC) uses .pls playlists for all supported file types.
If it were possible to make the following adjustments to MP3 List Shell Ex
then, I believe, your program could become a 'must have' addition to MPC users

1) An option to set the default playlist format (in this case .pls)
2) The ability to create playlists from any selection of files as well as directories.
3) The ability to use command line switches when opening the created playlist
    (in the case of MPC ' /add' to add items to the end of a current MPC playlist)

In a nutshell. These changes would add the ability to:
Right click any selection of file(s) +/or folder(s) and select 'Create with MP3ListShellEx' to create and launch an audio/video playlist in two clicks.
or to add multiple files to a curently playing playlist.

I know there would be even greater demand for your program with these changes and I hope you will consider this proposal.

Thank you again


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