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23.03.04 12:53 Ilya Ryabchun
I have problem with Mp3ListShellEx - error "Component Comctl32.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file missing or invalid" after installation.
This component isn't shipped (already) with Windows XP. Try appropriate links on Mp3ListShellEx page.

21.03.04 19:26 Magnus Fernström
So easy, so useful!

Nice :)

19.03.04 13:22 Dom

After constantly being recommended software by friends, and getting horrible XP inspired GUI messes with dozens of useless functions - it's refreshing to find something like PopOops.

It's *exactly* what I was looking for, simple, easy, fast and clean. If only everyone made software like this :)

Good job

17.03.04 05:14 adriano
hi, if possible substitute " , " by " ; ".

11.03.04 23:11 Dean
Very good job, it would be good if you had a banner or some type of code that we could use to advertise your tools and/or site on or website so that you could increase the volume of users that utilize your products and potentially donate via paypal to your cause!!  thx for your hard work and dedication.
Thank you very much! I will contact you by e-mail on banner subject.

10.03.04 22:13 Jim
Yours is currently the top ranked popup blocker in the world! under popup blockers.
<a href=""></a>
Thanks. BTW, site contains the best tests for popup related software I saw on Internet.

05.03.04 15:21 Klas
The EXIFInfo works wery good.
On a webpage i want to show only the information of camera, model, date and time.
Is there anyway to do that.
When dose the thumbnailversion come out.
Change appropriate fragment of demo project's code like this:

For Each tag In exif
   If tag.Name = "Model" Then Debug.Print tag.Value
   If tag.Name = "DateTime" Then Debug.Print tag.Value

Version with thumbnails support will be released in a week or two.
It will include also more comfortable method to get single EXIF tag.

01.03.04 04:48 Jim Fricker
Re: EXIFInfo ActiveX: I don't know if its my camera which is doing something wrong but when I use EXIFInfo, some of the tag values have trailing null characters which causes problems when I try to concatenate strings generated from tags in VB or JScript. It would also be useful to be able to access the thumbnail image and differentiate between thumbnail exif data and main image exif data. Apart from these minor issues it is excellent and incredibly easy to use!
Next version will support thumbnails. Thanks for suggestions.

28.02.04 05:50 jorge theumann
from buenos aires a big hug

28.02.04 02:23 Donna]
is going to try it tonite if its ok will save some budget money to donate to cause.

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