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13.09.03 09:15 lena
you are the best

12.09.03 21:33 Mossy
Thank you for program PopOops. Work with program already two years.

09.09.03 20:08 Chau-Sang
Been using Mp3ListShellEx for a week or so, and it's been working perfect - but suddenly it stopped working. The popup error says this:

Error 429 - ActiveX component can't create object

What can I do about it? I've tried reinstalling but with no luck. Please help.

06.09.03 20:22 Alfons
Hope it will work ok. Thanks from down yonder

27.08.03 18:24 Anonymous
PopOoops is nice but I would prefer if I did not need to install it and my settings could be stored in a file than in the Windows Registry. This way, I can move my settings from one computer to the next easily.
You can export/import "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\PopOops" registry key for this purpose.

27.08.03 12:44 Vicka
Shahin, nachinay da iskat rabotu gde nibud za predelami vashey zemli obetovanoy (preferably London). Tebe eta website teper kak resume...
PS: Eldar kleviy poluchilsya :)

25.08.03 11:32 aDEO
PopOops - small and strong effective! 10x!!!

|+> <+|

22.08.03 12:36 johan
the popOops doesent work any longer it did in the begining but now i have away to much popops. the program doesent reconice the new popups!!!!!!
PopOops doesn't work with some web-based programs. Check software you installed last time.

19.08.03 06:41 Ed Davison
I have XP. I can not uninstall PopOops. It freezes the uninstall program up.
Before uninstalling you must exit program. Please, use my e-mail: or Contact page for such questions.

15.08.03 05:08 Mr. Reaper
PopOpps is very nice and small. The sound it plays is kind of annoying though. It would be better if you could select your own sound. Also the "Click Tune" options are kind of hard to understand... It might be better if it were labeled "Click Detection" and have options "None, Normal, and Tolerant." The only other feature I could think of, would be to keep a list of windows it closes, so you could easily open one that you want.

Great program for it's size!
Some of these suggestions are already in my task list for the next version ;-)

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