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13.11.02 13:13 Anonymous
PopOops is a wonderful small programme. A pity it doesn't support Opera and Netscape. Any plans to support these browsers?
The blocking algorithm of PopOops is based on IE object model. That is why it is so efficient, and that is why it doesn't support other browsers.

08.11.02 17:43 langly
Mp3ListShellEx is a very nice tool, thanks for it :-)
But i miss support for .apl files:
Next version of Mp3ListShellEx will support user-defined file extensions.

31.10.02 22:15 ime
mp3listshellext is awesome! i've been looking for long time after something like this. thanks!

29.10.02 19:10 fitness88
I thought PopOops V1.1 will allow for new window to open automatically when you click on its link?
Yes, it will, but in future versions.

28.10.02 04:28 Oscar G
Mp3ListShellEx it's great, fast, easy!

26.10.02 22:36 Wayne W Wyatt
PopOops - Finally a pop-up-stopper that seems to work.  How nice it is for someone to help solve the most disgusting thing about browsing - the pop-up.

29.09.02 18:08 Jens Peter
I use PopOops and after trying many different ones to stop those pop-ups I will stay with your program because I think it is the most simple and effictive one I have tried. Thank you so much.

24.06.02 12:46 Ed Steenhoek
Mp3ListShellEx is GREAT ! Thanks. Any change on adding support for adding this to the context menu of a (C-Drom) Drive? Now it works only on directories. Second request would be to split the location into 2 parts: the filename and the path. Feasable?
Next version of program will also scan drives.

01.06.02 09:04 signwatcher
outstanding stuff here.
Any chance of getting Mp3List as a Class? I have a very similar one in crude format but the speed of yours seems remarkable. Thanks.

26.05.02 20:52 Curtis
I use Windows Media Player 6.4 for playing my MP3s 'cause it has low overhead and lacks unwanted frills like 7+. But I have wanted something like your program for a long time, it's great at what it does. Good show.

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