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11.03.07 12:57 drcham
Is there any chance to et this program work under vista? access 2003 locks up while scrolling at the end of page

04.03.07 12:17 Aaron S
I like this app a lot.  The only things I would request are some sort of smart filter for known audio file types (like the previous user said, *.* catches all sorts of other files--if we could just find .aac, .mp3, or .ogg it would be great), and the ability to customize the filename of the resulting playlist a bit--like 00-%foldername% (I like my playlists to start with 00 so they're before the songs).

28.02.07 22:56 Disciple
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26.02.07 11:31 Ruslan
Hello from Russia! Good site!

23.02.07 10:31 Jessie
VBScroll - Great !!!!
I lov this soft !

10.02.07 09:07 surety
Love Mp3ListShellEx, but would really love to be able to search for more than one file type. e.g. ogg and mp3, and not use the *.* option, as this picks up album coverart as well as the music files.
I'll add this feature in next release.

08.02.07 04:55 Gerbil
VBScroll - A God Send
Nice work buddy

26.01.07 11:44 Max
VBScroll - great!

12.01.07 07:53 Whisper
Cannot seem te get the Sort function working with Mp3ListShellEx.
It doesn't sort the songs on the recorded order! Tried every option!

Anyone know a solution?

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