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10.06.14 15:29 Radek
Is the program will run on Windows 8.1
Yes, WOW64Menu is fully compatible with Windows 8.1.

13.05.14 16:23 Fillipe
Are you working on a new version for Windows 8.1?
Which one of my programs do you mean? Please use contact page to respond.

17.04.14 21:55 Peter
Further to my first comment (27.12.13 20:02 Peter),
for a while now the "WOW64 (32-but) Menu" drops straight back into the 64-bit Menu  :(
It worked fine for a period after install, but some change rendered caused this change in behaviour. I've tried removing it and re-installing, to no avail.
Do you have any ideas what might be causing this?
Machine is running Windows 7 64-bit.
Please provide more information using contact page: Windows edition and version, screenshots.

11.03.14 06:07 Anonymous
Error Code 2869
I've tried to install ZoneID Trimmer on Windows 8.1 machine.
But I got Error Code 2869
How can I fix it?
Run setup as administrator. If this doesn't help disable UAC.

03.03.14 01:54 TUSHAR
its good

27.12.13 20:02 Peter
I came across this trying to use Flash Renamer v6.72 ( which is a very useful utility. However it doesn't support shell context integration on Win 7 x64, but the Settings "Shell Integration" on this program pointed me to WOW64 at
I'm impressed. It works brilliantly. Many thanks.
BRgds, -P.

23.09.13 06:11 Gavan
Tried to install on Windows 8 Pro.
It says to install .NET Framework version 2, but I have 4.5 installed. Will this be updated to support 4.5?
Yes, this will be fixed in the next version.

19.09.13 15:40 Klexy
VBScroll works fine.
On your donation page the paypal-link doesn't lead to the Paypal donation site, but only to the Paypal homepage. On the other hand the Visa/Master-button redirects to the Paypal donation site. You should change the layout.
Thanks for your feedback and donation.

20.06.13 00:10 ismail aksu
WOW64Menu is great, working with no error.

I have a only one problem after right click about these menus  "abut wow64menu, wow64menu on web, donate to wow64menu". I have an pc with low memory. When I click these menu my pc is going to crash due to web browser. As you can see this problem making me crazy. A little thing but makes a big problem on my pc.

Could you please remove these three menus from right click?

Thanks so much again

Best Regards...
Will be fixed in the next version.

06.05.13 16:22 Dan Sims
I have no idea what this program is about . Nor do I understand just how to use it. Is there an larger explanation regarding the use of this program  Any he lp would be greatly appreciated.
Dan Sims
See previous answer or visit program page.

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