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My First Robot - RoboComp
(based on computer)

Typically, robot consists at least of two parts: platform and controller. I used my kids' toy driven by two 6v DC motors and ASUS Eee laptop with Motor-Bee controller. Small webcam with fisheye lens was giving a good view when controlling the robot remotely.

RoboComp (front)

RoboComp (left)

.NET code (can be downloaded from link below) was actually running from the laptop using controller's API. I have to say that the robot was too "lazy" because of its weight (more than 1 kg). This should be taken into consideration when building such devices.

RoboComp (right)

After almost three years Motor-Bee controller started its second life at my work place. Connected to traffic lights it monitors now Team Foundation Server builds of our team.

Source code - (0.9 MB)

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